At Ashwell house, we run English Language courses over the summer, and they are a great opportunity for girls from overseas to learn English in a friendly, fun, and educational environment in London. The girls can exceed in the learning of the language, as well as enjoy the museums, parks, and sights that London has to offer.

The summer courses are also an opportunity for our current and past residents to put in practice their teaching, and their leadership skills, as well as develop a unique bond with the girls that come here to learn.

“The summer course was such an experience, it really helped me grow as a leader. I expected it to be challenging and it posed so many situations that made me responsible and have become life lessons. The girls in the course were amazing! They brightened up my day and made me laugh a lot. Showing the girls round and teaching them our culture was so fun, the excursions were something I looked forward to everyday, spending quality time with them and building lifelong friendships. In three words, my experience on the summer course was: amazing, lively, and rewarding.” (Ruth Gabrasadig)


One of our current residents, Natalie Bonnick, took part in the Summer School as one of the teachers, and commented on her Instagram: “I have not stopped smiling whilst working with these amazing girls. They have lit up my classroom each and every morning. I am incredibly proud of what they have achieved…all the hard work has been worth it!! I will miss you all so much. Thank you for the perfect end to a fabulous summer of teaching.”

This opportunity enabled Natalie to discover her teaching vocation, as well as benefit the lovely young students that came to Ashwell to learn English. The girls responded to Natalie’s post with enormous affection, support, and gratefulness:

Natalie! I miss you so much!!!! Thank you for all the amazing days we had! Thanks too you the 4 hours of lessons where so funny! If you hadn’t been my teacher i wouldn’t have learned lots of English grammar!” (Victoria)

“You are absolutely the best! Thank you for everything! Big hugs and greetings from Poland” (Magdalena)

    “Natalie! I miss you so much, I don’t know how to tell you thank you for all you have done for us!!! If I hadn’t been in the summer i wouldn’t have known that we need to save the bees. I am not going to say you good bye because you are going to come to Madrid, my school is waiting for you!” (Paloma)

A big thank you to all the teachers and helpers in the 2017 summer course, your efforts showed in 100% passed in the Trinity Exam with 38% distinctions and 44% merits: congratulations girls!