What’s up, 2019?

It’s a new year here at Ashwell House, and our residents are getting ready for another exciting and busy semester.

In the month back, the residents have been very busy organizing and taking part in various activities around the house.

So far, there has been a Fundraising Party, where Ashwell House threw a party in the main hall to raise money  for Venezuela. The money raised went to charities that help Venezuelans access basic necessities and school supplies in rural areas, and towards the maintaining of Hospitals. It was a very successful fundraising party to say the least!

There has also been more amazing Ashtalks.

  • In Janurary, Darren Jones ( Labour Mp for Bristol North West) gave a talk on 21st Century Politics. Our sitting room was packed for this talk! The talk was an informal Q&A session, where Darren Jones talked very openly about being a politician nowadays and discussed the struggles of balancing personal and professional life whilst being exposed in the media.

  • Tracy Ampah is going to be returning for another talk this term, and the residents are very excited to see her again as they loved her previous talk last term.

As an international hall of residence, we try to celebrate as many different cultures and countries as possible, which is why we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a delicious feast made by some of our residents.

And this is just the beginning of the term!