It’s the end of another year at Ashwell House and we’ve caught up with some of this year residents to ask them what they’ve been up to, and what their impressions were of this year.


There have been many activities and events throughout these last two terms – from birthday parties, to fundraising concerts, to important guest speakers. Ashwell’s residents have been busy.

Carola, a medicine student at Queen Mary University, mentioned that she has “been involved in several activities around the house this year, including the house’s committee and the cultural activities group – which aimed to look for speakers and organise regular cultural events, with this year’s big activity being the social project in Kenya.”

Barbara, a first year student, was part of the birthday committee, “whose job was to prepare a personal and special celebration for each of the girls on their birthdays. [They] met often to discuss what each person liked and what [they] could do to make her feel special, and always ended up doing something fun for everyone.”



I liked how we always celebrated together as a family, and everyone was remembered.” -Barbara, King’s College

The people

We all know that what makes a place special is the memories we share with other people, and as Ashwellians, making the students feel at home is a priority.

My favourite things are the friends I’ve made and how much I can count on them, the trips and special events we organise, and… the food



“In Ashwell you can truly find girls from all over the world!! I have always loved travelling, but I grew up in a city where ‘diversity’ is not really a thing. It really opened my mind, and I learnt new things about different traditions.” – Carola, Queen Mary.

“Ashwell House provides a homelike atmosphere. There is always someone to talk to whenever we feel down. And we have get togethers that brings us closer with one another. In Ashwell, we also organise excursions and activities together, it’s like a family.” – Audrey, Queen Mary


The top 3 things about Ashwell:

  1. One of my favourite things are the friends I’ve made and how much I can count on them, the trips, and special events we organise, and… the food
  2. Convenient location:

It’s in Central London, very accessible location. The location is very convenient.

  1. The variety of opportunity – from committee groups to spiritual opportunities, Ashwell really offers whatever you need and a place to really fit in

Whether it’s been getting to know the city, making new friends, learning about different cultures, volunteering or fundraising, the residents in Ashwell House have had a lively and active year.