Ashwell House is a female-only university hall of residence, situated in a vibrant and convenient location in central London.

We are located on a residential side street close to Old Street station, with excellent public transport links to all London’s universities. We are within walking distance of Shoreditch, Hoxton, Brick Lane and Angel, as well as the picturesque Regent’s Canal and Shoreditch Park.

Living in Ashwell enhances your wonderful, life-changing experience of going to university: a time of personal development and intellectual discovery.

Live in Ashwell

We offer you a welcoming, open and clean home environment, with home-cooked meals and daily housekeeping. We encourage you to achieve your best in your studies, make the most of your talents, forge lasting friendships and contribute to the community.

Learn in Ashwell

You will have the environment and support you need to make the most of your studies. We organise a wide range of enrichment activities – from socials and celebrations to talks, films, concerts, cultural evenings and excursions, as well as spiritual activities. Come and join us!

Contribute with Ashwell

Ashwell residents can give back to the community through volunteering. Some residents take part in sandwich runs, and some volunteer at a local community kitchen. Others help in the Baytree Centre in Brixton to run after-school youth activities for girls between 6-18.

What do our alumni say?

“I learned a lot in terms of academia, social responsibility and faith. I was able to explore London, England and Scotland much more than I would have on my own, and I found a nice place to study and finish my degree”

AmelieKing's College London

“I loved the location, the fact that it was catered accommodation and the website showed pictures of a friendly environment. Having Ashwell as a base was really special, there were always friendly faces to come home to after a long day at placements.”

AshleyBarts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

I was hesitant to come to London to do my masters when I knew that lockdown measures would be put in place. It was hard to justify coming so far and paying so much for an anaemic version of my degree. But I had already come so far in preparations to travel to London that I decided to go ahead. This year in London had definitely not been the typical London experience. It has not been the typical graduate school experience. And yet my year has been amazing because of my wonderful Ashwell experience. Reflecting back, I wouldn't have had it any other way. Thanks for a great year.

VirginiaKing's College London

"Studying in London can seem daunting when you first arrive, especially when coming from a much smaller town in the North of England! Living in Ashwell however, was like a home from home. I was surrounded by people who supported my studies at UCL and encouraged me to pursue every opportunity whilst I was at university. During my time at Ashwell, I was given invaluable advice and direction with regards to my future career path. I owe a huge thank you to everyone at Ashwell House for guiding me through the transition from university to working life.
After a year teaching abroad I now doing a graduate management scheme with Transport for London."

Natalie, University College London

“Coming to London from Italy in 2019 was a big step -it was the first time I had left my family. But just living in Ashwell, being surrounded by other wonderful people, during mealtimes and get-togethers, helped me overcome the homesickness I felt at the beginning. Having completed an MSc in Applied Medical Sciences at UCL, I am now heading off to Cambridge University to start a PhD.
If you are looking for a family when you move to London, Ashwell is the place for you; imagine yourself coming back home for dinner and sharing your day!”


"Living in Ashwell House has taught me the importance of balancing my studies at QML and my social life. There is a strong study atmosphere in Ashwell but there is also a friendly and social connection between the residents. I have also benefited from being a resident in Ashwell because of the diversity of the residents. I have been able to meet and make friends from other countries and backgrounds. I may not have had this opportunity if I lived in halls or a flat."

EloiseQueen Mary's University

“In September 2018, I came to Ashwell House from Bahrain, feeling nervous and anxious about the future. Five years later, as I leave, I look back on a journey filled with personal and professional growth, meaningful connections and invaluable experiences. My time at Ashwell has helped me grow into a more confident and mature person, and I’ve had the joy of meeting amazing individuals who have now become life-long friends.”

FemiKCL and LSE