Last Wednesday, on the 21st of March, our students going to Kenya this summer, organized a Pub Quiz in ‘The Court’, where they raised money  for the Kianda Foundation. The night was a big success!

The pub was full of London students who had been invited by our residents to participate in the exciting night full of thrill and animation. All the young men and women joined different teams to answer the questions asked by both Marta and Claudia. Some of the questions were challenging, but others were ‘easy pizi lemon squeezy’, and at the end of the night the lucky  winners were thrilled to take a bottle of wine home.

It must be highlighted that our residents from Ashwell played a key role in the success of the night. Many of them came over regardless of the work they had to do.
Overall, the night was filled with fun and good spirit, and all the guests enjoyed themselves.  After all, they got a free pint and simultaneously  were able to donate money to charity.
What else could someone ask for on a Wednesday night?