I moved from Luxemburg to London in 2012 to complete my BA and MA studies in Engineering. I graduated in 2015 with a brilliant academic achievement and high performance. How did I achieve this?

Many of us fail to realize how our surroundings affect our lives. Some people attribute successes in life to their own value and worth, to their superpowers and excelling abilities, and, sometimes even, to luck. They fail to recognize, however, the conditions that led to the success, the support and motivation from the people who surround us every day or who care for us all time. They fail to even recognize the wonderful gift that life is.


Living in Ashwell House has made me understand what others fail to realize. Not only has it opened my eyes to thankfulness and genuine appreciation, but it directly contributed to my personal growth and any achievement that may be attributable to me. First of all, Ashwell House creates an environment of serious studying, as well as a family environment: it encourages one to focus on their obligations as a student, it rejoices with one’s achievements and is there with one’s shortcomings. More important, Ashwell House praises a students’ growth in their own unique and personal way. This has allowed me to develop in confidence and self-appreciation as a young woman.


Ashwell House brings together people of all cultures, races, disciplines, opinions, coexisting in a way that is so homely and that forms true relationships based upon respect, openness, trust and genuine interest in others. This has fundamentally changed my perspective in life and shines through when I relate to people in professional environments.


Lastly and yet more importantly, Ashwell House counts with the presence of One who pushes everyone to be better in every aspect, who forgives whenever we wrong Him, who listens when we talk to Him, who watches us grow as we transit from one year of university to the next, and who draws us closer and closer to Him every day through friendships and through prayer. With God and our Ashwell friends supporting us, we couldn’t have asked for a better support team to help us thrive at university.


Joanna is currently working at IDOM, an international Consulting, Engineering and Architectural company.