As we come to the end of this spring term, we would like to thank all our guest speakers that contributed to our cultural activity nights, especially Nneka Orji, Chisom Orji, and Katie Taylor. These three women all discussed their personal journeys to progressing in their professional careers, and encouraged the students here to be hard working to pursue their dream jobs. They spoke about the struggles they faced as women in the workplace.

Our first speaker, Nneka Orji, an Oxford graduate, and a Senior Manager at Deloitte UK Consulting gave a talk here at Ashwell. She discussed her personal journey to becoming a Senior Manager, and provided insight on her work environment.

Nneka Orji              talk Katy          Katie and alex

Her sister Chisom Orji, also an Oxford Graduate, and a Corporate Finance Associate at Deutsche Bank, talked about her personal experience as a professional.

Both Nneka and Chisom spoke about the possibility of internships in their work places, and discussed their benefits. Furthermore, they talked about their involvement in community groups such as the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, and the Young Enterprise.

What struck the Ashwell residents was how these women combined their very demanding jobs with giving back to the community.

Our third guest speaker, Katie Taylor, a Controller of entertainment and Events at the BBC, talked about her life as a BBC producer in shows such as Dragons’ Den, BBC children in Need, Strictly Come Dancing, and Top Gear.

Her insight on the production of such well known and familiar TV programmes, was fascinating. Her hard-working journey, and her optimistic outlook inspired the students.

“You don’t always meet people working in their fields, and I am so glad they decided to come and visit us, knowing how busy they are! It was very inspiring. They were passionate, supportive, and examples of hard-working women, who at the same time have values and really care and everyone they work with. Thank you!!” – Carola Bigogno, Queen Mary student